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Deconstructing Chinese


Chinese is a unique language. It does not use the Roman alphabets so learners cannot remember its characters and spell words. Often, a word is an entire character so learners must memorise thousands of characters to be able to write effectively. The second challenge is that as Chinese is a tonal language, four different tones can be applied to a single word. The tones are rising tone (example: má), falling tone (mà), falling and rising tone ( mǎ) and level tone (flat) (example: mā). Learners have to learn each of the four pronunciations and apply it to speech and listening skills. But the Chinese language is a language where its meanings (signifiers) closely resemble its characters (signs). Chinese is a fine example of how signs and signifiers combine. When you understand how the symbols are interpreted, Chinese begins to make sense.

This website does not profess to teach you Chinese.

As one of the most popular languages in the world, there are many resources that offer to teach the language. However, the failure rate to learning Chinese is high, mainly because of the complex characters that learners must know. This website is meant to give you an overview to the Chinese language and an introduction to the basic construction of Chinese characters. With this understanding, you will be able to make more sense of the characters you learn and therefore be able to plan your learning journey better.

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